Puerto Rican women out there in matrimonial sites and dating services are quite eye-catching, with varied looks and exotic features. From the very start, you notice their flawless skin and silky hair. It’s a beautiful deep brownish black mixture of European and Latin traits combined. Speaking of hair color, naturally, all Puerto Rican brides usually have dark brown hair; however, dyed blonde is quite common.

A beautiful and exotic island, Puerto Rico features women with various cultural backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds. There are many different races from Hispanic, African American, Chinese, Japanese, and other descents of indigenous peoples. For example, the black, Chinese, and Spanish influences in the island can result to various subcultures, which can definitely give a variety of choices for the dating scene among young men and women seeking to find their match. Some popular cultural features include the salsa dance and other music forms. In terms of physical attributes, Puerto Rican women are voluptuous with shapely bodies that would look even more sexy on photos.

The advantages of Puerto Rican women

Most of these young and older singles alike say that Puerto Rican ladies are quite popular for their open-mindedness, love, and passionate lifestyles. These qualities are also said to make them one of the most desirable individuals for any type of relationship. In the matrimonial world of dating sites and internet dating, Puerto Rican ladies have much more variety as compared to any other kind of woman. They can cater to every kind of preference and age.

The following tips will help you meet young, beautiful Puerto Rican women:

  • If you want to make a lasting impression, then you can start to learn some basic Spanish words and phrases. For example, a common problem for most young Spanish speaking singles is not knowing how to talk and interact properly with the opposite sex in Spanish. In order to break this barrier, you can learn some simple words that you can use when chatting online. A good starting point would be learning how to use the words “yo” and “te” to address the opposite gender. You can also learn some slang such as using “bueno”, “haba”, “mar’, and others to address someone with a different gender from your own.
  • Another advantage that you can gain from learning some basic Spanish words is for you to easily communicate with your Puerto Rican wife or girlfriend. As a matter of fact, most of these married couples are conversational in their native language. However, they also wish to have a total understanding of how their spouse communicates with them and vice versa. It is also important to remember that most Puerto Rican women and men use Spanish when they speak with their foreign guests. So, it will be very helpful for you to learn a few basic Spanish words.
  • Most of the Puerto Rican women and girls speak almost the entire language in just a few conversation sentences. Although, it is not always necessary for you to have perfect fluency in Spanish, but having a slight command over the basic vocabulary will be of great help. One of the best compliments that I ever received was from a girl who said that she really likes me because I can understand her without having to translate. Even though this is something that almost every Puerto Rican girl wishes for, few of them actually get what they wish for. For that reason, you should learn to be more open and friendly with your Puerto Rican girlfriend or wife.

As a matter of fact, many young ladies from the Philippines and other Latin American countries prefer to date a male Puerto Rican man rather than dating a Western woman. You see, many of the men living in the Puerto Rican countryside are fluent in Spanish, making it much easier for them to communicate with their dating partners. On the other hand, if you are serious about dating a young Hispanic lady from the Philippines then you need to understand that you are taking full advantage of the fact that she speaks a language that is one of the most widely used in the world. Therefore, you should try to be as helpful as possible, especially since you probably don’t have much background in the culture of Puerto Rico.

Final Words

However, there are some cultural differences between the Puerto Rican women and the ladies from the mainland US. For instance, many Puerto Rican ladies prefer to go to the United States to start a new life. You should make sure that you do not force anything on a lady if you are not willing to take a risk. Therefore, if you want to start dating a beautiful Puerto Rican lady from the Philippines, it would be better if you befriend her first, since you don’t really know too much about her culture. If you want to start a relationship with a lady from the Philippines, the best thing for you to do is to visit some online dating sites and start interacting with the other members.