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Why Dating Coaching?

Most of you have had relationships that did not work out and you can’t understand why.  You know all the dating sites and have even paid to try them but you keep on picking the same partner with different packaging.  It becomes so frustrating to you that you’ve taken breaks and wanted to give up on finding love entirely!

With one-on-one coaching you can really break out of old habits and embrace a new enlightening dating journey.  With an expert coach on your side, you will date more consciously and can choose the right mate this time.

Dr. Paulette Sherman is a licensed psychologist, author, teacher, speaker and certified coach. She combines all of her experience to help you recognize your dating patterns, choose what is right for you and make a plan about how to manifest it. Her new book, ‘Dating From The Inside-Out: Using The Law of Attraction in Matters of the Heart,’ will be published by Atria Books in February 2008 and it details her dating philosophy. To get an alert from Simon & Schuster when this book is available, go to:

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Dating From the Inside Out

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